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"That was probably one of the hottest fuckers I've ever met, I was in the cafe and of course I was chatting in. Actually I would give him a basket, but this time I wanted to test if he really gets a high invite him so in my hotel room and put on my sweetest dress, so he is the same cool, because I did not want to talk long, but get straight to the point In the hotel room we went really cool to the point As a first I blow his cock nice hard then he fucks me the hole really horny sore and fucks me in the mouth until he squirts all in ... a mega sperm shot full in my mouth I run all the sauce down the face This tail does not hear But then the following happens: He just fucks me further and licks his own sperm from my face ... full blatantly !!! That I met someone like that in the cafe, I did not think now iner he hottest fucks I've ever had ... "

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  • golfman1

    Aug 10, 2018, 3:49:17 PM

    mehr als geil

  • Vidocq28

    Aug 10, 2018, 2:49:33 PM

    Hmm... sehr geil wie du ihn zweimal zum abspritzen bringst!

  • Hoyer76

    Aug 10, 2018, 1:13:06 AM

    Ein Super geiles Video mit einer wirklich schönen sexy Frau! Geil gefickt, schön abgelutscht den Glücklichen, so möchte ich das auch gerne mal erleben, einfach ein geiler Anblick, super Clip!

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