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  • Nov 6, 2018, 8:53:05 AM

    Sunday in leather coats: Change roles and cum on my coat

    Sunday in leather and in leather coats is not over! My sissy Katja is sexy, dressed in a double-row leather coat, leatherette leggings, long leather gloves, overknee boots and a leather hood on her head. It is my sissy bondage with a ball gag in his mouth and his hands handcuffed behind back.
    I'm as a Mistress, also dressed in a double-row leather coat, I have leather gloves and overknee boots on my feet. I will unlock my sissy handcuffs (later I find that I should not do it), handjob and blowjob sissy penis. Sissy, but takes the activity slowly, gives a leather glove over my mouth. She wants me to put a ballgag in my mouth! I am surprised by this requirement, but I agree. Ballgag in my mouth, sissy masturbates and holds my mouth in leather grip. Shortly fuck me from behind, but my pussy is not allowed to semen. I'm already completelly in control of my sissy and she puts my handcuffs. Sissy masturbating leather gloves and a moment squirts cum on my leather coat ...

  • Nov 6, 2018, 8:52:18 AM

    Sunday in leather coats: Show all my black leather coats

    My husband wanted to see me dressed in all my leather coats. That's why I was not only for him but also for you to have a dressed and show of my leather coats. I have plenty of leather coats, so today I will wear only the black ones. I will introduce my coats of other colors to you at other time. The show of black leather coats is just beginning! You can see not only six of my black leather coats (very long, shiny, two-row, with belts, heavy leather, retro), but also my various leather clothes, leather gloves and boots I chose for to my coats.
    I believe you will like me in my black leather coats. Thank you!;)

  • Oct 23, 2018, 10:05:24 AM

    Brown periodic panties

    I have many periodic panties, different colors, shapes and sizes. I received them as a gift and promised to make at least one video in every panties. Here is a video in light brown periodic panties. Amatuer wife Angela poses on a leather sofa for you ... in brown panties and over knee boots!

  • Oct 23, 2018, 10:04:20 AM

    Husband dominates me (Leather gloves HOM)

    Today (October 17, 2018) I have a submissive mood. I want my husband to be dressed sexy, I want him to be dominant to me and put on my handcuffs. I want to feel the touches of his long leather gloves! My wishes are met, here's the video. My husband-Master has dressed sexy vinyl leggings and shiny shirts from the same material. He also wears a leather hood, Hunter Wellingtons, and a long leather gloves.
    I have dressed black wellies and PVC swimsuit. First I get a leather blindfold. My husband stroking and touching with leather gloves. He kisses me, clutching my throat and, of course, leather gloves over his mouth. I like being in his power and feeling the smell and touch of his leather gloves! Especially when me after a while puts handcuffs. Leather gloves HOM then continues. At the end of the video, my husband puts on a rough ballgag with lots of leather straps. My face is now in full leather grip ... leather blindfold and leather ballgag. I'm horny and I'm looking forward to what's still waiting for me today;)

  • Oct 23, 2018, 10:03:06 AM

    Red Angel in handcuffs

    It is almost half of October, but is sunny and unusual warmth. Such nice weather attractive for walking around outside. This video is from today's sunny Sunday (October 14, 2018). I have handcuffs, my hands behind back and I'm walking through the autumn landscape. My husband filming me and taking photos during that. The video recording so you can see you too. I'm completely in red clothes! Red leatherette leggings, shiny down hooded jacket, red leather gloves and red wellies. I believe that with this amateur video I will not only enjoy lovers of handcuffs and shiny outfits.