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  • Dec 23, 2018, 2:43:02 AM

    Christmas wish

    Dears fetish friends
    I wish you beautiful and merry Christmas, many presents under the Christmas tree, happiness, health for you and your whole family and especially well-being in this beautiful holiday time.

  • Dec 3, 2018, 10:40:33 AM

    Wife in shiny jacket milking husband in quilted jacket

    Yesterday, Sunday (December 2, 2018), I was shopping with my husband in the city and in the Christmas markets. I had dressed my favorite glossy black jacket, leatherette leggings, overknee boots and fine leather gloves. My shiny and leathery appearance liked, and not only to my husband. I admit that I feel good when the views of much younger men and women are directed at me. LOL :). Because I have this outfit from my husband, I decided to make him a little surprise as a reward. Yes, in the evening after returning home, will be my husband is firmly tied up and milked in leather gloves. I will be dressed in the same dress I was in the city. Yes, I decided!
    Upon returning home, I inform my husband of my intention. The husband immediately understands and readily accepts the roles of my slave. First he has to prepare a scene and a video camera, because I intend to make a video of this. For you, of course;)! Husband, now my slave must wear a brown quilted jacket and jeans. He is tied up in a hogtie on mattress on the floor with a large, rough ballgag and a leather blindfold. The video can start. I'm sitting on a leather sofa, my feet leaning on a slave, and before I deal with my helpless slave, I want some rest and read the flyers that were found in the mailbox.
    The slave whines in the gag and certainly enjoys the excitement of helplessness. Now is the time for milking a slave. I want his orgasm and cumshot! Cum will be on the second, blue quilted jacket I put next to him. Handjob I make in very fine, black leather gloves. These vintage gloves are made of thin leather and are very tight. They are like the second skin and my slave loves their touches. Soon in these gloves I will forc*d a slave to orgasm. Cum is, as I said earlier on blue quilted jacket.

  • Nov 6, 2018, 8:53:05 AM

    Sunday in leather coats: Change roles and cum on my coat

    Sunday in leather and in leather coats is not over! My sissy Katja is sexy, dressed in a double-row leather coat, leatherette leggings, long leather gloves, overknee boots and a leather hood on her head. It is my sissy bondage with a ball gag in his mouth and his hands handcuffed behind back.
    I'm as a Mistress, also dressed in a double-row leather coat, I have leather gloves and overknee boots on my feet. I will unlock my sissy handcuffs (later I find that I should not do it), handjob and blowjob sissy penis. Sissy, but takes the activity slowly, gives a leather glove over my mouth. She wants me to put a ballgag in my mouth! I am surprised by this requirement, but I agree. Ballgag in my mouth, sissy masturbates and holds my mouth in leather grip. Shortly fuck me from behind, but my pussy is not allowed to semen. I'm already completelly in control of my sissy and she puts my handcuffs. Sissy masturbating leather gloves and a moment squirts cum on my leather coat ...

  • Nov 6, 2018, 8:52:18 AM

    Sunday in leather coats: Show all my black leather coats

    My husband wanted to see me dressed in all my leather coats. That's why I was not only for him but also for you to have a dressed and show of my leather coats. I have plenty of leather coats, so today I will wear only the black ones. I will introduce my coats of other colors to you at other time. The show of black leather coats is just beginning! You can see not only six of my black leather coats (very long, shiny, two-row, with belts, heavy leather, retro), but also my various leather clothes, leather gloves and boots I chose for to my coats.
    I believe you will like me in my black leather coats. Thank you!;)

  • Oct 23, 2018, 10:05:24 AM

    Brown periodic panties

    I have many periodic panties, different colors, shapes and sizes. I received them as a gift and promised to make at least one video in every panties. Here is a video in light brown periodic panties. Amatuer wife Angela poses on a leather sofa for you ... in brown panties and over knee boots!