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  • Oct 30, 2017, 12:43:03 PM


    Especially as a passenger on the way to Hannover. The man next to me is listening to crazy music and stroking my knee after each clutch. But what can I say, I like it.
    Actually, I masturbate before every meeting, so I'm not so excited, but I did not manage today. That's why I'm very wet and imagine it smells like a hole in my car.
    We want to throw right into the hotel room and our bodies. Before I said im that I want to have another date. He should pick me up and not say anything. Not a single word and even now on the ride he is silent good. It's **** of weird and weird and we drive for another 2 hours, but the tension is very, very strong. It makes me horny and I think it too. Unfortunately I do not see a bump with him. Will stroke and track 20 minutes before arrival. Hopefully he has a good tail and is no Einknicker.
    If I touched him now he would not hold on and you would do it somewhere on the side of a road. Not cool! In any case, with the background of my plan. I really want to experience this date. First our bodies should talk to each other and then we. I'm not allowed to say anything right now. For me even more difficult than for him, I think.
    Would like to ask him so much. Is that his wedding ring? Is that at the rearview mirror a lucky charm from vacation?
    I know what he stands for and our ideas fit well together, but I hope that he still surprised me and has something in the hindquarters. I like that when a man gets harder and harder at fucking and takes what he wants. Or if he gently addresses my taboos, but still does not cross the border.
    Empathy is called that well. Just want to get in touch with you and let me know later from the hotel room.
    I hope it's getting late;)
    Your Kathy