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  • Oct 19, 2017, 8:00:12 PM

    Real AmateurPorn

    Have you ever wondered why the quality of my videos is not glossy? Why is not everything well lit and the cameraman filming me from all sides? Do you complain that my orgasm is sometimes not shouted out loud or you do not quite see how he squirts in me and the sperm flows out?
    You know what? That is supposed to be like that! I started like this and live the amateur course. I do not build any sets and play my lust. I only shoot videos when I feel like it and I'm horny. Then I will not jump on, pull down a canvas, build lights and plan the sex.
    What you see happens just like that. This is for me synonymous real amateur porn. Long ago I could have bought a much better camera, but why? I love my camera and it gives the atmosphere so beautiful again. She is always lying in my purse, fits in there exactly and she already has more than 5000 movies on the hump. I can not just throw it away and replace it.
    I even look for porn on the net then I always end up with similar videos. I make sure that there are no arranged scenes and it is not too glossy.
    Then I can usually assume that there are real sex and real orgasms. Like me! Who appreciates my way of filming, I appreciate that;)
    Love you