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  • Sep 13, 2017, 12:19:27 PM

    Plea for pubic hair

    My plea for pubic hair

    I do not like it. These guys shave their tails every two days, wasting their lives. I mean, which woman wants something unnatural? I do not know a single girlfriend standing on shaved men. Every lady likes it more as nature has it and I personally like the smell of men totally. He is much more in the genital area available if pubic hair is there. Gives me an exciting Geilgeruch where I get wet quickly.
    I even let my hair stand sometimes. I like touches that look for the wet in my curly hair. And I like to touch myself like that too. If I play with the hair and wet every hair with my moisture.
    I also think that women look very good. For example, if you can guess the hair in the panties. Most of my lesbian experiences also had hair. Sometimes trimmed, sometimes as a pattern, but hair was there.
    Currently, most men find hair rather "ihhh". You do not want to have hair in your mouth after licking. For real? Why rather a seemingly rejuvenated vagina that looks like a child? Because that too is a reason. Hair in the genital area indicates to me as a sign of adulthood and sexual activity.
    Maybe I'll lose a few fans with my opinion and my plea, but it's my opinion. No man has to shave because of me.

    Love wednesday
    Your Kathy