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  • Sep 9, 2017, 11:00:35 AM


    Is there really really moshing or sex addiction? I think so. I've met so many men in my fucking life and somehow seem to be considered as strong addiction.
    This I notice above all in the greed to want to experience myself once again, but also at the change of the men. Many have strong self-esteem and treat women differently. I think that my being with them causes something.
    Maybe I am too nice, tell them exactly what I want and leave my thinking open. Then there is the sexual. I really let me go and look at the man. Massage with my pussy muscles while fucking his cock with the same and demand with my eyes the deep injection into my flesh. So man realizes: "That's real. That's Fickglück." and it stays with me mentally and physically impressively.
    For me it has the disadvantage that some men then tend to stalk, want me alone for themselves and bring me to such an experience too much closeness. It's a compliment somehow, but it's not.
    However, men with a lot and well-thought-out brain tend to give their new energy to other women and then write to me about how they are re-experiencing themselves, as well as the women's world.
    So I'm like getting started in the Mösensucht.
    Do you dare? Come I suck only once on your cock and put my labia around you;)