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  • May 15, 2018, 3:58:46 PM

    Pee pleasures

    I like it juicy, frumpy and unpredictable. Love the untenable, the Einwerden and experimenting and so I'm probably synonymous to something come, which would probably interjection as "Ihh": pee.

    A man once said to me that I should piss on him and I was a little drunk, I just let it run. He meant nothing to me and so I was not embarrassed. His cock grew immediately and it was a very cool feeling to be even soaking wet. Anyway, a crazy feeling. Of course, my own pussy glue has a completely different consistency and does not burn, but if I rub urine in / on my hole then there is a reaction. Feel good. Letting go and urinating also feels good. Especially if it is interrupted by a cock that fucks in me meanwhile.

    I like to urinate when I ride. If I throne over him, kiss him, lift my ass, release his cock and then a hot shower trickles over him. Then I introduce him again and the fucking accompanies a different feeling, a different smell and a horny Schmatzgeräusch. Am I messed up? Very good! Do some men find this disgusting? I do not care! ;) I love it.

  • May 14, 2018, 12:12:47 PM

    Highway rest stop experience

    Yes, I admit it yes: AutobahnrastplatzSex is really the dirtiest and most disgusting thing there is. But, it is super exciting and my hole reacts extremely on the outward journey. And that is the most important. I have learned to listen to my genitals and to follow their reactions. What makes me wet must be good and therefore it is lived out. I can also advise you. What makes you hard, should also bring you to fulfillment. Or to put it even better, what makes you hard can make you soft again. Use this!
    I usually go to such motorway meetings with a friend. He does not participate, but monitors the whole thing from a distance. Because I have no desire that suddenly a madman attack me and keeps me trapped in his basement for years;)
    I then stay in the car, look first who is there and what is going on and if I feel like I turn on the interior light and the men see me. My shirt then went up over my breasts and of course I have no panties on.
    Man looks in to me, approaches and knocks on the glass. He has his dick in his hand and rubs it. I decide "Yes" and the window opens. Immediately his hands reach for my breasts. Even the hand he just touched. Has he come before? She is a little wet. No matter. I turn the seat back and grab my hole. When I hear more men, I close my eyes and let it happen. My cunt twitches and my clit pounds like crazy. Other hands have already landed there and rub through my wet labia. When I open my eyes, I see a barrage of cum in my headlights flying through the night.
    Three guys jerk off and take turns with me. This is too little. I want more and open my car door. I pull my pants down, present my ass and lean on my arms on the car seat. And then I feel an unknown cock in me. I do not know his name, do not know what he did here and I just feel wonderfully used. Two seconds after he pumped into me, I come and then feel the next tail. Letting yourself fall completely and giving oneself to strangers is also letting go of normality. It has something animal and natural.
    The drive home is even crazier then. I'm wet, my cunt pumps and everywhere the semen starts to dry. Other drivers do not know where I come from. This mystery makes me even more horny and full of anticipation, and I will bring myself to the cleansing again.
    Stop a normal AutobahnRastplatz experience.

  • May 12, 2018, 3:39:16 PM

    I want to drive you crazy

    You think that you are dirty and perverted? You think you think about sex too often? Maybe I am like you or more extreme. Maybe your fantasies are kinkerlitzchen for me and I laugh secretly about your perverted attempts.
    Or you make me with it and I do not tell it and let you fidget.
    Do you already feel me every day in your head and on your cock? Do I belong to your day and definitely to your pleasure?
    I want to drive you crazy, conditioning you and feeling my power. I want to hear you beg, plead and almost break. Yes, you should eat after me.
    Your cock should hurt before strengthening, if I write to you. I want to confuse you, play with you and lose me to you and your lust.
    Show me your Vorsperma, show me your injection and the way there. Let me participate and watch. Soon I will help you personally, create hand and tools and fill your longing with a kiss. Then I will not leave you in the dark, but give you clarity.
    Not only are you physically stretched, I already stretch your ideas, your horizon and your preferences.
    With my big breasts, I'll take you to the air, press her firmly against your greedy mouth and ride you while the cream from the body. Look at me firmly and hold him. If you look away or blink longer I'll stop and give you a few slaps and bite me tight in your nipples.
    I want you to go raving and hearing and seeing. We enjoy our way! Stay cool on me and now I want your sperm. Spray properly and imagine that you do it in me. Deep, wet and tight. I want you.

  • May 12, 2018, 12:56:59 PM

    In all, love has to be

    Everything is nothing without feeling. And so, in all my actions, my feeling always gets mixed in with it. I love my desire and love. Men who want me are always a compliment and other men remain so persistent that I even close them in my heart.
    In over 10 years I have had short liaisons with my users. That can not be absent, because I never hold back and give full feeling. Meeting with me, I always treat as a "first date" and not as a "must". To explore men, to tickle their strengths and weaknesses and then to unite. Hach, I love it.
    If you were very close, then you usually want more closeness and there are users who go to sleep today with a TShirt of mine and smell it. Or who want a panty from me and use my fragrance again and again to be able to inject even more intense.
    With some men the spark does not jump over immediately and with other men immediately a Fickbasis is there. It is important in any case: Show me how horny you are on me.
    That is a magnet for me.

    Have a nice Saturday
    Your Kathy

  • May 9, 2018, 2:44:12 PM


    In the style of the old curio cabinets I would like to show the men sexwonders of the world. Women with huge breasts, men with huge cocks, pussies that can splash wide, and mischiefs that can carry steel balls. So just subjects and bodies, which lie next to the ordinariness.

    It would take place in a tent. There are several SitzWichsPlätze and of course premium seats that I take care of ???? In addition, seats with built dildo for men or women.

    There would be couples having sex on the stage, and a crazy clown woman picking and pulling men out of the audience. Sometimes I go to it and rub the testicles of the selected one while fucking or occasionally lead him between my lips and taste the Fotzgeschmack the colleague.

    I think this would work! Why is not there something like this on St. Pauli or something? Since you would rather go than in such a dröge sex shows, with a bar where the drink costs 30 euros. Would you look at something like that? I can really imagine the posters. In sepia vintage somehow. Good idea somehow.