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  • Nov 11, 2019, 2:53:58 PM

    We are a delicious mix

    You lie on my chest, looking over my skin towards my mound. The heat radiating from my body makes the air fly over my pores. Maybe it's your breath that wistfully blows over me.
    You hear my heart pound and feel every blow on your hand lying on my chest.
    We just had a very wet gathering. You were in me, you came in me and we are exhausted there. It smells of our bodies and very much of my juice. You are full of it and my body shines here and there from a mixture of sperm, sweat and saliva.
    I notice how your hand becomes more active and gently strokes my nipple. Tenderly you press it between two fingers and my attention is centered to my hole. My labia are still irritated by your cock and it feels good. Your sperm flows in small streams from my interior and now my geysaft comes back with it.
    I draw you to me and we kiss. You taste like me, me after you and "we" are a very tasty mix.
    I took your cock in my hand. He is still wet, feels warmly used and with every pounding he grows up again. Just now he has filled me completely and to be able to feel him again makes my kisses greedy.
    "Come over me please" I think and you do it. Your glans accidentally strokes my wet flesh and then you deliberately push into it. Yes exactly. You feel good in me. Fuck in your own sperm. Make me fuller.

    I love it.

  • Nov 10, 2019, 5:21:12 PM


    or? What would you most like to do with my breasts?


  • Nov 9, 2019, 2:10:56 PM

    10 sex questions to you

    And there they are again. My familiar questions that I ask to find out more about my men and to readjust my focus. They should also serve you yourself so that you get to know yourself and your sexuality better. I'm definitely curious, what stories surround your Fickleben and what makes you geiltechnisch so.

    1. Is there a person in your family environment who you would like to find horny without close attachment?

    2. What was the craziest, sexual desire ever brought to you?

    3. Is there a routine after sex for you?

    4. Which body part or detail do you still find erotic on a woman? Exclude genitals, breasts and feet.

    5. Did a friend ever tell you a sexual experience and you were jealous or enthusiastic? What did he experience?

    6. What are you doing with your sperm after the masturbation?

    7. Have you ever disgusted yourself before a woman? If so, why?

    8. Is there one thing you were totally behind then you had and you are not interested anymore?

    9. We would meet one evening. What would you surprise me with and make the date unique?

    10. Describe in detail how you would lick me.

    I look forward to your answers. Just send a message to me here or in the Fickpension. I'm curious.

    Your Kathy

  • Nov 7, 2019, 1:14:35 PM

    I scratch my name in the back

    Yes, you are reading correctly. I want wild sex with you and decisive primer and Bestimmerin I want to be there.
    I'll go straight to your pants at our first meeting. With a firm grip hard pump your cock and bite you while kissing in the lips. Can you stand my gaze? Do you see the fire?
    Yes, I take what I want today. A tail that I will ride in my own body. Enduring and with a lot of wet muscular muscle power. Maybe you'll think in the middle of it that this is too much for you and want to break off, but you have no chance.
    There is no escape from my holes and once you are in it then I'll release you only when you hosed and I have harvested your desire. I want to feel you deeply. Your letting go, your coming and then hear your exhausted gasps below me.
    I'll do you all!


  • Nov 4, 2019, 10:20:36 PM


    Can it be that sex keeps you young? That gives life a person for physical union with more life force? It would make sense: who fucks more, gives more life in the world. So it's useful for life: multiply the bodies into which souls can be packed, waiting to be born or reborn in the next station to rub against our reality. Such a good bodybuilding machine lets you live longer than someone who does not think much of sex. Surely there is a study? What do you think about?