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  • May 19, 2019, 1:16:30 AM


    Hi my dear,

    I have just come home from a very hot night, I am a little tipsy and have the laptop again put on your knee. Wanted to lose another small post and thus sneak energetically into your dream.
    What matters here is not when you read it, but when I'm about to end it. At the same time I may appear in your dream and put my warm little hand in the crotch. I massage your cock until he thumps really hard in my hand.
    It almost hurts with you and you turn me around, penetrate me and leaves all your greed, lust and nastiness on me and then in me. I want to feel you, hear your moans, smell your sweat and taste everything about you.
    I hope you reached my concentrated Ficksehnsucht just. Do you know that, too? If you had a great night and then you're back home, but feels so gorgeous angefickt and wants more? I have that right now? Does it bother you that another man has fucked me and I now write to you and imagine how it would be with you or makes you more horny? Would you fuck me in real, if I would now stand at your door and would come from another man?
    My eyes are almost closing, but I will not really fall asleep. I have to masturbate into the night. I hope my vibrations will visit you soon.

    Feel yourself covered again.
    Maybe there will be something between us! Downstairs or something! ;)

    Your Kathy

  • May 14, 2019, 5:36:00 PM

    landlords dream

    Tonight my landlord fucked me. Of course not in reality, but just in the dream and the dream was really good. He wanted to look at the apartment and came with a craftsman. I had just got up, had a little nightgown on and greeted both. Of course that had an effect and the landlord looked at me the whole time. When the craftsman was done with the water heater, I brought both of them to the door. I shook hands with the handyman and closed the door.
    I lay down again, pulling the blanket over my head and closing my eyes. All at once I heard a key in my door. "Did not I hear some ringing?"
    I got up, went into the hall and there was the landlord. Angered, I wanted to ask what he wants again, but then he had already grabbed me by the neck and pressed against the wall. He pushed the door shut with his foot.
    Any other woman would probably have shouted, but my pussy responded immediately. He had probably well recognized the submissive bitch in me. In the dream, I also knew immediately that I had opened the door not without reason in the dress, that I knew exactly when the men came and it had irritated me.
    He put one hand under my dress and immediately pushed a few fingers into my juicy hole. Quite effortlessly and there was a great Schmatzgeräusch. His breath was beside my ear and he was shouting at me "Well, you were waiting for that, right?".
    Yes, I had, but still I whimpered "Stop it." He knew for a fact that I was just saying that and responding by shoving my finger in and going deeper. Now he fucked me hard with his fingers, bit into my ear and pressed at the same time his lap against my body. I immediately sensed that what I was looking for inside. A throbbing and twitching cock.
    He realized that I was pressing against him, took my hand and put it on his bump. This cock was big and I had to have that cock now instead of the fingers. I massaged him hard in the hope that he could not stand anymore and just took me.
    It was followed by a few hard finger strokes and then he turned me over, pushed my dress up and just stuck his cock in me. I pushed my butt against him and then he came very deep in me.
    Then he slapped me, pulled up his pants and then left. I felt wonderful when my sperm swallowed my thighs.
    That was a good dream.

  • May 14, 2019, 11:05:26 AM

    Prove the elective subject Sexology

    I'm just imagining a classroom. One with an old blackboard, hard school desks, a ping-pong and a teacher's desk. I tied my hair back tight, put on my glasses and put on make-up. I have a too tight costume. My breasts almost fall out and my neckline consists of two bales of meat and a long crack glistening with sweat. The skirt goes over my butt, is tight and clearly shows my curves.
    A card showing the anatomy of the tail at the card holder. Three guys in front of me giggling a little bit. They are inattentive. That annoys me. Elective sex education. There must be paid attention. Secretly, I know that the three guys are just there to tie me up. Again and again I see from the corner of my eye, that someone looks at my breasts or on my ass. And what can I say: It annoys me and makes me horny at the same time. Sometimes I put myself very close to a student so that he perceives my Fotzenduft and feels my warmth. Then I look down at him, smile at him and stroke his back.
    I have masturbated so often at home and presented to me the different cocks my students have. It just makes me.
    Today I let it get on it. This compulsory elective lesson takes place here in the afternoon at school and there are few other people in the house. A crackle I perceive and I want to play a little.
    "The penis is a gift to you, but if you do not really know it and its functioning, you can have a lot of fun and joy."
    It is giggled again.
    "Let's take a closer look at the anatomy, everybody's gonna get his cock out now."
    The giggle stops. The three hesitate. I grab my desk and pull out my cane. I go through the ranks. Once again, I'll say "goodbye" and hit the end of the stick in my flat hand. And behold, they all bring out their cock. Immediately it twitches in my hole and my lust becomes a warm, wet feeling between my legs. And what particularly excites me: they all have a big cock. They are cool too. I go through the rows of school and hit everyone gently on his penis. "Are they already big?".
    They are embarrassed and think they are too small for me. But it should only be the prelude to the following.
    "Let's see how big I get her, get up, come here and put her around me."
    Hesitantly, they get up, I pull my skirt over my ass and go to my knees. Exactly on face height I have now three tails. A look up shows me that nobody looks me in the eye. You are too excited. I smell their tails, see them glittering acorns, reach for the biggest and squeeze me between my painted lips. Here I massage another beating. Secretly, I wish that the third fucks me, but I can not really expect from these inexperienced. My hole is definitely out. I notice right how I drip.
    But before the tail dripping in my mouth, I stop, take one after the other and always bring them until just before the cumshot. My cane lying next to me is there for the guys not jerk off. I will bring her to come Not her self.
    After my command, one should lie down on the ground. I finally need something hard in me. Very slowly I go to my knees and as my pussy almost touches his cock, I challenge the other two to look at it very close. They should once again briefly suck my pussy in order to have my taste in it. Then I go down. Slowly, this big cock squeezes inside me. And as if a gate had been opened in me now swells a lot of fluid from me and makes his cock and belly wet.
    The others have now laid down and I ride through them again and again and whenever I realize that the moan is too intense and they twitch, I stop. I already had my orgasm and not just one. Only I did not show him.
    When the pause ringing sounds, I go from one up, pull the skirt back down, put the cane back in the right place. They are puzzled and have probably expected their syringes.
    "Your homework will be to get me to come next time, so maybe you can, too." You do not have to masturbate until then. "

  • May 13, 2019, 12:54:41 PM

    testicular love

    A high on testicles. I think they are not really respected by most women, and if so, then negatively.
    Yet they are responsible for the most beautiful compliment for a woman: Spema. Testicles are very sensitive and the tail reacts very well if you take them in the mouth and / or sucking on it. They even have their own taste and you can feel on the tongue as the skin contracts and becomes riffilig. I totally like that. Sometimes I go with my tongue back and spoil him there and work with my hand his cock.
    With this technique, a woman gets every man to inject.
    I like this!
    And then this feeling when "he" fucks you from behind and you feel the testicles against your clit beat. Arghhh, I'm off and have to touch me.

  • May 12, 2019, 11:01:43 AM

    I give you tail swallow tears

    I would very much like to be completely filled out. So that nothing fits in me and my juice with each new thrust out. Our lower body should be soaking wet and the resulting noise would drive my lust even further to orgasm.
    I want you to finger me and advance me for your cock ever. That you massage my inside and explore every hot centimeter. It kisses me and I will take your cock and rub hard. He is pulsing in my hand. I take a little spit in my hand, stroke it over your glans and go on. He should already cum almost by itself.
    Take more fingers. Please change from two to four and be a little rough. Today it wants to be wild and it should hurt a bit. So that it is and will be a sweet Fickschmerz. Oh, yes. Go deep into it and let me in between your fingers and then kiss you.
    And where we are already there: Come up and fuck a few short bursts in my mouth. I would like to look up to you and give you my tears, which trickle through the tail from my eyes. Your taste, your moans and that twitching hardness in my throat. I only stop to suck, suck and massage your injection hole when I taste your Vorsperma.
    I have to try harder and claw me gently into your testicles. I massage them and they feel wonderfully wet from my spit. Oh yes, now I taste you.
    Pull yourself to me, kiss you and whisper to you, after a tongue punch in the ear, to: "Fuck me please".