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  • Jul 20, 2019, 10:54:46 AM

    Have sex, sun and pleasure

    I like to be your object of desire and may be considered. When man dreams turn around me, then it is a very big compliment and it makes me very happy to reveal my Fickwelten. I like to share my experiences, fantasies and events with you and if you cum because of me, then I'm sure that it somehow has a positive, energetic reverberation. Sometimes I even think that my pussy feels it. My lust phases are sometimes really very sudden. Maybe, because just somewhere a man hosed because of my videos. It could be ;)
    This weekend I wish you a nice free time, little stress at work and lots of sun, sex and joy.
    Love kisses.

  • Jul 19, 2019, 11:12:57 AM

    An indictment for a pussy

    At the moment I have a very high vaginal wetness. It drips even into my panties and makes me sometimes ugly wet spots in light pants. This is connected with my lust. Even kissing brings me to flow. Is that normal? I hear again and again that some women are not getting properly wet and there is a reason for lubricating cream.
    Lubricating cream is the most unexotic thing that exists for me. You take some fake moisture to make it work somehow. An indictment for a pussy, I think. Of course it is stupid, if it is due to illness, but I know enough women who are just not horny on her husband and therefore need lubricating cream. Bad, right?
    So I should be with a partner with whom I do not want to have sex anymore: get away with it!
    By the way, if I'm particularly horny and long had no sex, I even need a bandage. I stick to my panties and thus my lust is caught before I run around in a wet panties or wet pants. Incidentally, I also have a crazy fantasy connected with that. For that I would probably need a submissive man. One who accompanies me for a whole day. He is not allowed to say anything and is only at my side to keep cleaning my hole. He constantly has to lick my pussy secret and of course I have to bring it here to come.
    Oh yes: volunteers before! ;)
    Love kisses.

  • Jul 18, 2019, 11:29:26 AM

    May I ride you?

    Did my body attract you? Are you just come to me, because you seem to my buxom curves quite fuckable? Do you want to pull me on my tail after my dressing? Thank you for your interest. I like that.
    I would love to ride you right now. Just put your hard cock and lead me deep into it. You see how wet I am. It glitters between my legs and your cock feels the tight moist heat. On your lower abdomen there will definitely be a small lake. I'm really, really cool right now. Feel how fucking needy and as if only a single push brings me an orgasm. There has been a lot of dammed up in the last few days.
    So I sit on you and move my pelvis. Lift my ass, lower it and feel for it. You feel good and I can feel your pulse in me. I want to kiss you, come down to you and you cup my butt. I also like to stick a few fingers in my butt. I like that and you feel that. When lust my asshole goes on by itself. So, as if it was programmed to get fucked in a state of agitation.
    At you and your tail I want to rub myself now until coming. Grab it by my breasts, press my nipples tight and look at me. I want you to see my orgasm. And more important: spray into me! Then I'll come immediately anyway.
    Are you doing?

  • Jul 16, 2019, 11:42:47 AM

    Always follow the greed in you

    You have a FickauslebBlockade and I have set out to solve them. You must not suppress this greed in you. You have to make fun of her. Use the power behind it and make a woman (preferably me) happy in solid shocks. Spend you, sweat, moan and grab my butt and fuck into me. Take no account of me and my orgasm. Just think of yours. I will come with you, if you really let out the animal in you. Follow your instincts. That makes me even wet in the imagination right now.
    I really like it when horniness comes punctually. If I'm pressed against a wall somewhere in the city, a hand goes into my crotch and feels like I am just too horny. Then down the pants or dress up and just live out.
    Or somewhere in the restaurant on the toilet, in the hotel in the jacuzzi or in a abandoned demolition house. Spontaneity is always great.
    Where did you live the last time really messed up? Where did the greed shoot you so hard in the tail that you had to live it? Are you telling me?
    Have a nice Tuesday.
    Your Kathy

  • Jul 12, 2019, 8:27:13 PM

    Video is now

    online;) Have fun with it