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  • Dec 10, 2018, 12:38:57 AM

    Crackling, juice and pumps

    Sometimes my pubic hair crackles slightly when I touch it. It is already a bit wet from my first dirty thoughts. And if I raise these thoughts or eavesdrop in eagerly then I just have to touch me. Small drops of secretion, which connect the hair, tighten and then burst apart. It crackles. A horny sound.
    I imagine how you penetrate me and go at the same time with two fingers between my labia. I notice the breeze on my fingers, feel warmth, then wetness, a tiny resistance and then I taste my inner hot pussy meat. In my mind, I also touch your cock, which goes into me.
    I like that anyway. So if someone fucks me while I rub my clit. Then I like to touch and massage the trunk of the tail. I then spill my juice on it and since I make my videos, I also know how good that looks from above. A horny sight.
    And then I go back out of my pussy, streich my juice on my clit and massage him. I dream of a lot of sperm that is injected into me. So that I feel it inside me. The pulsation that accelerates more and more, your brief pause and then the horny letting go. Your pumps, which swells the tail lightning fast and even the spray jet I feel. A great feeling.
    So and now have a nice week. I can not write anymore and I have to touch it;)
    Your Kathy

  • Dec 9, 2018, 6:15:55 PM

    If God would judge me ...

    If God holds judgment upon me after my death and counts the evil things against the good things, how will he handle my adventures? Do I commit a sin because I consume the men away from the forgiven women? Or do I prepare a joy and do something good that makes the men rejoice and gives you pleasure in life? And how does the bill come to mind that the deceived women almost never know anything? So deliberate luck of the men against unconscious Fanny of the women?
    On the other hand, I've already refreshed many relationships, given men self-confidence and mechanisms and ways that ultimately serve the relationship and the act of partnership. Is that a plus on my soul account?
    Will God knock on my shoulder, pinch my cheek and say to me in my mind, "That's what I wanted you to be. That's how I created you, and so it was good. "
    Maybe he will not judge at all, but put me right in his angelic crowd. And then it may happen that shortly before your death (I hope it will take a long time) happens that I hover with red hair on your bed, put my hand reassuring on your lap and accompany you to death. In doing so, I explain the whirring around you as a tangle of minds, show you divine amusement places, give you a reassuring, light-hearted feeling and then sit down with God.
    I think that's the way it will come. Sometime in 80 years.

  • Dec 8, 2018, 4:03:32 PM

    10 cheeky questions for you?

    1. Do you sleep close to the partner after sex or do you need free space?

    2. You are given the opportunity to return to a sexual experience, to redefine or vary a fuck. Is there such a sexual experience in which you would like to beam?

    3. Was your defloration age too early, too late or just right?

    4. Have you already deflowered a woman? How was it?

    5. Is there a famous personality you envied for the charisma? Who is it?

    6. Can you separate cuddles from sex?

    7. Imagine, a rich woman would offer you money for sex. Would you accept it? From what amount would you make an ugly person happy. Could you then purely penistechnisch?

    8. Is your circle of friends nicely open tolerant or rather jammed pinched?

    9. What is your percentage success of bringing women to orgasm?

    10. What would be more embarrassing? To be spit on by many people in the swingers club. Can not get it up with a horny woman or beg for money for a puff visit?

  • Dec 7, 2018, 4:25:36 PM

    The FickSanatorium

    Often, news of shaken Fickseelen reach me. Of men who are mentally so cramped that their penis no longer or only partially works. Men who are afraid of the first time or have been made so by their own wife, that they no longer get the entrance to the fuck life properly. So you can be happy if you can pursue your own greed without complications. But what are the other men doing?
    And now comes my idea! How about a FickSanatorium? Maybe you take for an older rehabilitation center, which is no longer used. Only women work here and take care of every sexual concern of the patients. They feed again, show new kinds of sex and train the men theoretically. Purpose and aim of the institution would be an increase of the radiating sexuality, an intensification of the drive and above all the self-confidence. As a boss in a large office I would have the different acts of the men and me on the visits always the tails look and if necessary antesten.
    I then invented the different therapy methods and they consist of Fickgymnastik, groan therapy and a good FotzensekretDiät. Soon there will be sanatoriums all over Germany, which will act according to Kathy and I will publish my own product line. Healing water with the addition of my spit, pendant with strands of hair from me and so on and so forth.
    Okay, I just started to get lost and fantasized, but a sanatorium would be necessary. Of course I would also have a few sex therapists on hand and physiotherapists. Wealthy men can rent a carer who they like and this of course sleeps with in the room and has to report to me every day.
    In short, I would like to be a Sanatorium leader. Would you visit me?

  • Nov 30, 2018, 11:19:23 AM

    How do you feel in me?

    How do you smell and taste? How your groaning sounds above me and how firmly you will grab my breasts? Do you kiss well? Can you inject a lot into me and can I climb with you the far heights of the orgasm world?
    I'm looking forward to our first experience. On a relaxed, relaxed and intense togetherness, which leads to a secret exchange. Come over me like a hurricane, stroke me like a lukewarm breeze and mutate in the most important places again and again to a tornado. Bite into my nipples and penetrate with a few fingers in me. Massage my wet hole and give me your fingers so I can taste me.
    Here I have to stop for a while. Will not come into the whirlpool, which moistened my lap and puts me in masturbation distress. I'm just on the train and on the train toilet, it is always so disgusting. So it has to last 4 hours until I meet him. Otherwise, I always do it myself before a date, but today I will not be able to do it anymore. The man must probably deal with 100% horny Kathy;)
    The beginning is actually always the same. I am picked up from the train station, we bring my bags to the pension or the hotel and go for a drink. The first tension I solve with natural interest and unconscious touch. Your shyness or other misunderstanding will quickly be forgotten. You quickly realize that I want exactly the same as you. Experience, explore and just have fun.
    Forget about your time together, your wife, your partner, the work stress and the rough edges of life that are your concern.
    I'm happy for you
    Your Kathy