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  • Feb 14, 2019, 1:35:56 PM

    Thank you very much for Valentine's Day

    Happy and dear Valentine's Day to you,

    I realize that for some men porn and love do not go together and my love salut goes past you, but my intention does not attack it anyway. I would like to use this day today to say thank you. Thank you for staying true to me, my films and my lyrics. Thank you for liking me and for having a certain body part strengthened.
    In everything I do, there is always feeling in it. Every day for over 10 years, I show not only physically open, but also show my soul inside. Thank you for finding this good, too.

    Feel free to embrace me today.
    Your Kathy from the Fickpension

  • Feb 12, 2019, 3:39:41 PM

    I do not like cum games;)

    Cum Swapping is not for me. You lose too much white gold. I prefer freshly tapped it in my throat. Deep in my mouth. So that his testicles touch my chin and his pubic hair or stubble tickle my nose. My hands claw in his ass cheeks and when it comes deep in my throat, I suck everything once through my mouth to enjoy the taste all-encompassing and then swallow.
    Each tongue part is indeed responsible for a different taste and so I have a multi-faceted impression. I even taste some foods. There are always very succinct notes. And now I'm not writing pineapple. I drink wine drinkers quite fast and men who take garlic to health. I see in the consistency whether he drinks enough and whether he is a meat eater or a vegetarian.
    So it's not that I'm careful, but over time you have different sperm drawers;)
    Sperm is a male product that far too many women treat as "Ihh" and do not even worry about the ingredients. Should they do that.
    I definitely like it. Mostly exploding in my mouth, but when I masturbate, a man stands over me and I see it splash, then I come immediately.
    And dear men: You too should not regard your sperm as "Ihh". Try it yourself. This is not gay, but shows you what you are working with.
    That time;)
    Love kisses

  • Feb 9, 2019, 2:35:37 PM

    10 questions for you

    And once again I throw a few questions in the round. Of course in the hope that I find a nasty man here, who fascinates me with his answers and on which I can put my greed. So: join in.

    1. Have you ever fallen in love with sex in a woman?

    2. In which city, which country or where would you like to have sex?

    3. This question is more of a test for you. You only need a ruler or a measuring tape. I want to know how powerful you are. How far does the furthest sperm drop?

    4. How long have you had no sex since your defloration and did not masturbate?

    5. Do you remember a fuck room of yours? Something that you really dreamed?

    6. Were your sex partners generally younger or older?

    7. We have a date and I urge you to bring something from your household that describes you best or what is important to you. What would it be?

    8. Which sex position is too exhausting for you?

    9. Do you like naturally fragrant vaginas or freshly washed?

    10. Can you still remember your first real porn? What you saw?

  • Feb 7, 2019, 10:33:02 AM

    Do you like hurricanes or rather breezes?

    Some fucking experiences are just fateful. Not without reason, the man deflowered me, who has deflowered me and also my wild start time in the swinger clubs was not just a sporadic life in my biography. It is the basis for my present being. I have never left this experimenting. It is still important to me to broaden my sexual horizons, and every tail is like a lighthouse that illuminates more darkness and makes me rise higher.
    I've never had a date that has not helped me. Of course, there were also negative meetings (is also in the diary), but also I've used positive.
    My normal girlfriends are sexually veiled breezes. It lacks its own yaw drive, which opens her thighs and only if they have a little something drunk, it flutters a bit. Otherwise, they giggle behind closed doors about anal sex and can not imagine that semen tastes or that you can do it with a woman.
    I prefer the storm or hurricane, which seeks a sexual aspect and circles it until it has sucked out all sensations, tastings and variations. And then, continue to the next game and enjoy it with all your senses. And yes, it drives me. I always feel like missing something. Somewhere out there may still be a man who gives me a fuck that I can not imagine from my current state. If you take it that way: My doing on the net is the angel to experience it. My body the bait. Have you already bitten or floating around in front of you and you have not decided yet?
    There are still a few things you may not like to do or again. For example, I want to have sex with a nasty, pretty couple. Just visit it for a weekend and take care of both a little and let me spoil. Actually nothing impossible, but the couple has to fit.
    Then I want to try Tantra more intensively and the last defloration of a man is also a little bit ago.
    I could go on like this and never find an end or have any more devilish fucking fantasies. That sets me apart from my normal girlfriends. They have somehow arrived, negating the inner volcano to a smoldering ash pile and wondering at some point that their men are looking for eager hurricanes. That I have sexually exploited this issue is very well known. I like to win against other women. And what do you want? Cyclone or breeze?
    Have a nice Thursday.
    Your Kathy

  • Feb 1, 2019, 11:19:57 AM

    The bounty fucker (Part 1)

    An hour ago I knocked on his avatar with my communication glove. He lets me wait until now. Me! The one I could move mountains with two labia? The one who killed the mercenary eye yokes and has a penis spaceship? Insane! But I can not attract attention now. There are several days of darkness behind me and this is now the first planet I enter after this dachshund root creature. Well, it is too much to step on, because you are about 2 centimeters above the ground, but good. All a matter of attraction and I do not like the planet.
    I stand (or hang) in front of the property of Holk Uflamm. I've never met him, but I've heard a lot about him. He is the only creature on this planet and so the name of the celestial body is not surprising: "Hear Holk".

    Holk is a kind of Flirr life form. You can not look at it directly, you have to capture it with the corners of your eyes. Otherwise he is invisible. My eyes are already hurting from the constant field of vision.
    Why am I here? My spaceship brought me here. So there has to be a reason. I do not hear anything. That's a good sign. I turn my head to the side and look out of the corner of my eye. Yes, that's "honk". The way he stays and goes. That's how I know him from the different images. Very consumed, like a flashing, colorful noise.
    "It's ready for you," whispers it in my brain. The floor is rumbling and a kind of table is moving out of the ground. On it a coat. Or no, hair. Oh, a wig. Why a wig?
    "Why a wig?" I ask, but Holk is gone again. I try to call him again but can not find access.
    The hair piece feels sticky wet. I clamp it between my shoulders and go back helplessly back to the spaceship.